Walking – 10/2 Assignment

Good Evening/ Good Morning,

I know that you are all bummed that we couldn’t walk today, but think on the brighter side you will be able to accomplish a nice summative grade on the beginnings of your project.

You will complete mini project 1 on 10/2/2015 in the CHS library and media lab.

Below is the outline of the mini project:

Part One: Graph of Monday Heart rates and mile times. (Each on separate graph paper)
Heart rate graph – See example  graph pe wellness
Must be done on graph paper and placed in your folders, this will continue for the semester
Hold the graph paper so that it appears long, like you are going to fold it into a hotdog bun.
The left hand side will be your y axis (vertical) and the bottom will by your x axis (horizontal)
Start your y axis with the number of 50 and increase up by 10’s or 5’s until you reach your maximum heart rate number (220-age)
Start your x axis (class date) with the first monday mile day in your folder.
Must graph both resting and working. Indicate resting with blue ink and indicate working with red ink.
Mile Monday time.-
Follow above steps a-b
The Y axis will be labeled – time (indicated in minutes) and your x axis will be lated date
Start your Y axis with 2 minutes, increase by 2 minutes and work all the way to 40 minutes.
Start your x axis (class date) with the first monday mile day in your folder.

Part two: Creating My Own Walking routes
Using google maps, you are to document 5 walking routes. Each walking route will vary in total distance and must start and end at the same location (pick your address.
Please create a walking route for the following total distances:
half mile, mile, mile and half, two miles, three miles, and Five miles
Please include the following for each walking route:

  • typed or written directions (hint copy and paste works from google maps)
    map of each walking route (hint copy and paste works from google maps)
    total walking time google suggests
    what your goal time would be when you walked this route.
    When in your schedule could you complete these individual walks