Health General Information

Welcome to the health education class website. Throughout the semester, each student will be provided with information that will help him or her make healthy and knowledgeable decisions for the rest of their life. The units that we will cover include: health, nutrition, substance abuse, human reproduction and sexuality, and adult/child/infant CPR.

Mental Health

In this unit, we as a class will focus on developing an understanding of each component of health. We will explore definitions of health and lifestyle factors that can influence our overall level of health. Throughout this unit, you will be able to apply coping techniques that apply to stress and our emotions, the decision-making and goal setting process to help evaluate your overall health.


In this unit, we will explore all aspects of nutrition, such as fad dieting, eating disorders, and general information about nutrition. We will talk about the importance of developing healthy eating habits, how the nutrition we choose can affect our level of health, and how nutrients are vital to the human body.

Substance Abuse

In this unit, we will look at the common reasons why teens chose and chose not to use illegal substances. As a class, we will talk about the physical, social, and emotional dangers of substance abuse through active discussions and completing a project with a presentation.

Human Reproduction

In this unit, we will explore the male and female reproductive system respectively. We will discuss the purposes and problems associated with each reproductive system. Also, we will explore different types of contraception and abstinence to prevent pregnancy. Finally, we will cover different types of relationships and how the positive and negative aspects can impact our overall level of health.

First Aid/CPR

In this unit, students will have the option to become certified in first aid and adult CPR through the American Red Cross. We will be using the American Red Cross curriculum in First Aid and Adult CPR. This curriculum provides the students the ability demonstrates the essential skills through a variety of forms and completes a written test to obtain certification.