Walking For Wellness General Information

Welcome to the walking for wellness class website.  The course description can be found on CHS’s website under the program of studies tab!

During the semester together, we will be exploring all the benefits walking has on a persons overall level of health, proper attire, proper nutrition, and a variety of other topics to be later stated.  Throughout this course, you will have the opportunity to create safe walking routes and participate in safe walking routes during each class meeting.

On Mondays, expect to be walking/participating in our football frenzy season.  During these days, wew will discuss many different points and benefits walking has on  a person. Also, you and a walking buddy will be participating in a walking game that requires a little friendly competition.

Finally, throughout the semester you will be working on a semester long project that will be based on your own individualized needs.


Lets have a great year!


Mrs. Szepan